Finding Peace in the Chaos (My Bio)

This amazing and fun piece of art was done by Bill Henry Edge from Deer Park, Washington He really captured Grant’s and my life: riding on a magic carpet (tile) ride.

Hello from Heather Siwinski!

A lot has changed since I started this blog site over six years ago.

My six kids have gotten older and and they all seem to know a lot more than I do, just ask them. The dogs think I’m super amazing so there is that. The cat is still mad at me for shaving her back and hasn’t made eye contact in months. (She had back mats, which is different than back fat but equally humbling.)

I too have gotten older, wider and happier. Maybe my bigger butt keeps me better grounded in this world. Is that a thing? I know for a fact that working your butt OFF is not a thing: my husband Grant and I run a business that is now a year and a half old called perSPECtive, A Commercial Flooring Agency in Eastern Washington that serves designers, commercial flooring dealers and their clients. We both work very hard maintaining our household and growing our business so I am kept delightfully filled with things to write about but with less time to actually do it than ever before so the quest continues for a piece of peace and time to do what I love almost as much as wine and cheez-its: writing.

It is my intention as I grow and learn and experience my own sometimes chaotic and mostly amazing life, that this site will be filled with content and stories that will inspire learning, love and laughter right where you stand in your own life.

Eventually I will be world famous for my writing. So if you are following my site, you will some day get to say “I knew her when only her dogs thought she was amazing.”


19 thoughts on “Finding Peace in the Chaos (My Bio)

  1. Heather, I have been so enjoying your blog posts! You make me laugh, cry and think. As a mom of 4 boys, empty nester and rediscovering myself I can relate. I love your voice and honest reflection. You rock it girl! Keep it up.

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  2. Hi Heather! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the follow. Your blog (and you) sound like a lot of fun 🙂 I’m looking forward to your posts. Hope you’re finding that piece of peace! Take care, Jenny


    1. Yippie! Happy to have a new like minded funny sister friend! Thanks for the feedback! I pretend to not need it but I dooooo! Looking forward to exploring more of your blog! Have a fantastic day!

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  3. Hi Heather, Mark Nolan from – I have nominated you for a WordPress Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I enjoy your posts and the experience and wit with which you write, and think you should be acknowledged. I still have my learner driving plates on in terms of blogging but I shall look forward to your future musings. Thankyou for writing, kind regards Mark


  4. Heather, I’ve had the same problem with 10 pounds gained since summer! You are so much like your mother, god love her! Your dad told me to find you so I did. Love you, Aunt Nicki


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