Mother: Noun, Adjective, Verb, Nutto


NOUN: she who is a woman in authority is a mother. Leaders of nations, cities, classrooms, churches, committees, businesses and homes are mothers to be reckoned with and there will be no back talk unless you are very brave, or stupid. And this is good.

ADJECTIVE: something that is an extreme or ultimate example of its kind in terms of scale is a mother. When we hit the mother-load we have struck the jackpot. What better way to describe something so amazing that we are breathless than to precede the item of awesomeness with the word mother. And this is also good.

VERB: to give rise to or to produce something is to mother. You who mother into the world art, song, words, beauty, laughter and joy: you leave the imprints of your creations upon the world, making it better, richer, bolder than it was before you touched it. And this is so very good.

NUTTO: What the mothering women of the world become when they actually have children. And to say this is good is a little debatable. Turning into a nutto is the unpleasant byproduct of the confusion that comes when you are bombarded by bipolar emotions that only your child can create in your once rational mind.

Or children: the more of them you have the bigger nutto you can become, unless you started out that way before they came along, then you might be screwed, like me.

How does one otherwise contain a love that is so painfully deep, so intense, so wicked fierce that you would sacrifice everything you are and everything you have to keep these human beings who are your children safe from harm but also have the occasional passionate desire to take them out of the world with a vicious, satisfying choke hold.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers and nuttos out there. The world is blessed because of you, even if you sometimes feel like choking your children. I know you wouldn’t ACTUALLY do that, mostly.

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