Vacation is a State of Mind, Not a Place: Part I

Monday morning on day one of my vacation, I stretched, still in bed at 7 am, and announced to my husband (who was NOT on vacation and just about to leave for work): “From this day forth, I am going to spread HAPPINESS and GOODWILL throughout the world.”

He grinned at me knowingly. “Okay, well, you might want to check your Bloody-Mary mix supply, because eventually you are going to have to get out of bed and FACE them.”

“No way” I say. “I am going to be the best mom EVER this spring break. Besides, we have a PLAN.”

“Oh yeah? Tell me about this plan.”

“Well” I say, reaching for my book and snuggling into my pillow “First, no one is allowed to talk to me or look at me or even whisper “mom” until NOON. Second, the house has to be in total order BY noon, at which time (if the house IS in order) I will be ALL theirs to go on the adventure of the day.”

“And what happens if the house isn’t in order?”

“We will all commence to listening to the “Great Speeches of the 20th Century Four-Volume Cassette Collection” I found when I was kind of cleaning my office on Saturday. I have been meaning to listen to these for quite some time. It will be very educational.”

“Hmmmm…well, that’s for sure inspiration to get the house in order, but what if no one agrees on what adventure to take? That could get a little tricky. There are so many of them…kids that is.”

“Oh! I have that all figured out. Everyone will cooperate with MY ideas on what the adventures will be because

1) this PLAN does not involve number one or two son, on account of the fact that everyone knows 17 and 20 year old males are uncooperative with any plan that involves THEIR cooperation and

2) the four younger ones are needy and will look at ANYTHING as an adventure. I mean just look at how happy they were when we let them ride on the ride in the Toy r Us ENTRYWAY and when we took the “you get to look but not eat Krispy Kreme Donuts” field trip yesterday!”

Toy r Us

Krispy Krem 1

Krispy Krem 2

“Well, you seem to have it all figured out, so…ummm…I’m leaving. You WILL be okay, right?”

“Of course! Everything is going to be just nifty! I mean just look at me ignoring my phone and emails ALREADY on this really ‘happy and at peace with the universe’ day.” I snuggle back down with my book and hum a little as he exits the scene. I only glance once or twice to the left, where my phone is turned face down on the night stand.

To Be Continued

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