These are My Excuses

I committed to posting a blog every day in November on account of November being NaBloPoMo. This means national blog posting month-I can’t take credit for that, but it’s for sure catchy, yes?

I was doing quite well for ten days but then I missed Tuesday because I was cranky.  And you know how when you skip your workout routine just one day, it gets easier and easier to keep skipping and turn quickly into a couch potato? Or when you are on a diet and eat one cookie and then figure ‘well, I broke my diet already so I might as well just eat ALL of the cookies and surrender to failure’? Well, lately I have been a couch potato AND I have been eating ALL the cookies, so I figured I’d at least try and get back on track with the blog by starting with posting my excuses for the four day lapse, since I don’t HAVE any for the couch potato/cookie eating gig:

  • I have been traveling a lot and I don’t write well in hotels: it’s too quiet.
  • Plus there was this when I was traveling:

Wallys Booze House

And while I never actually went inside because I was alone and also mostly didn’t need any booze, I did find out from the locals that this was a good place to score meth. So now I am educated on where not to go, despite the allure of the cool sign.

  • The St Nicholas Festival is coming up quite soon for my kids’ school. I am co-chair of this event and so I have been extremely busy procrastinating which has filled me full of guilt and harmed my creativity. But here is a picture of my buddy Libby’s and my hysterical icons, which were our inspiration the five years previous. She’s not with us anymore (physically) so doing this ‘funraiser’ without her is super sad. Which is why I am procrastinating.

St Nick Icons

  • Lately I have been sleeping for eight hours a night. I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I would sleep this much. I might be depressed. Or it could be a brain tumor, so no wonder I haven’t been writing. Or it could be that there is nothing in my brain to keep me awake at night which would also explain why I haven’t been writing: nothing in my brain. Either way, my day is significantly shortened when I sleep so much. Which cuts in to writing time.
  • I went to the library, my favorite place…

Library Books

…so instead of blog posting I have been:

  • Learning how to be beautiful, understand football better and figure out why I am so busy.
  • Curing what ails with YOGA. Cat/Cow to Downward Facing Dog to Side Plank cures exhaustion. This is as far as I have gotten in the book. But I am not exhausted on account of the 8 hours of sleep. So I haven’t actually done these poses yet. But now I know when I stop sleeping again. Though anything with the word PLANK in it makes me feel tired just thinking about. I hate planks.
  • Brushing up on how to write Haiku:

the lucky cricket

hibernating in my office

got stepped on

It was me. I did it. I feel so bad. But it was not on purpose. I would never do that. On purpose. I don’t know why crickets keep coming to my office to hibernate. It’s just weird. And now I am worried about bad luck. Do crickets hibernate? Or are they just coming to my office to die?  

  • Reading about writing instead of writing…one of these books told me it was easier finding a needle in a haystack then ever actually getting published, so I got bummed out and sunk into a Wally Lamb novel for inspirational escape.

But last night I went to my daughter’s play “Fahrenheit 451” (YES my lovely Maria Bronte we could hear you!) and I was reminded to taste the rain and keep reading, thinking, asking and telling without fear of censorship (especially my own).

Except for the ‘eating all the cookies’ thing. I should maybe censor that some.

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