Yes Mom, We WOULD be Grossed Out

Grant asks me the other day: “Why are you saving these containers?”

Dog Food1


(Please try hard to ignore my 1960’s counter-top. But of course now that I have pointed it out you are totally noticing. So I will point out that there is no sense updating my house until my children and Grant all move out. They will just wreck it.)

I say “For the kids’ lunches. They keep throwing away my good containers.”

He looked at me funny and then asked “Have you asked them if it’s okay?”

“No. Why would I do that? Who cares? It’s about helping the environment. And I am tired of buying new containers. They’re perfect for yogurt or pudding or left over ravioli.”

“Well now they will throw away the container AND the food. They are going to be totally grossed out.”

“Oh they will not! They probably won’t even notice.”

“You should ask them.”

So I asked them: “Would you be grossed out if I put these in your lunches?”

David: “Would you take the wrapper off the outside?”

Me: “Yes.”

Dog Food2

David: “Yeah, I’d probably still be grossed out.”

Maria: “OMG Mom! Please don’t do that to me.”

Me: “But it would be sanitized and I would take the wrapper off.”

Maria: “But it still says Beneful on the lid. People would KNOW there used to be dog food in there.”


Dog Food3

Dillin: “You don’t PACK ME lunches any more but I think that would be totally funny.I wish you would pack me lunches still.”

Duncan was not available for feed back. Because he moved out. OMG! We are practically empty nesters!

Dan: (He just shut his bedroom door on me. Weird.)

Mitchel: “Would there still be dog food in it?”

Me: “No.”

Mitchel: “Darn.”


  1. Nolsie says:

    I think the “Beneficial” container modification is great. This issue the kids have is that when their lunch is packaged in non-conventional ways, it makes it harder to trade at school. I found out that our kids were taking lots of goodies to school and then trading them on the open market. Then I remembered that I did the same thing when I was at school. Anyway, I enjoyed your story. I have read some of your others and I have enjoyed those too! Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carole says:

    Gotta love Mitchel—-HE gets it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kathy Arington says:

    Sooooo funny.

    Liked by 1 person

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