Gimme Some Sugar

It’s Wednesday. And I’m calling it day three of ten damn days. I’ll explain what I mean in a bit, but first you should know that Grant is calling this ten day thing one more ‘Heather Thing’. 

The nerve of some people.

He made the comment the other night when I told him what I was thinking about doing during the ten days before Thanksgiving. “Sooo many Heather things” is what he said in what felt kind of like a judgmental voice. I was rather taken aback and thought about picking a fight and asking him what the hell he meant by that snarky comment. But I had just hunkered down in bed and mostly wanted to finish my library book because one of my promises to myself in 2019 was to read one fictional book and one non-fictional book per week, which while not a completely reasonable thing to try and do every single week, once it’s on the list I have to at least try, my hope being to at least stay the SAME IQ and not get stupider.  

So I bit my tongue and did NOT pick a fight and instead just nodded and said: “Yep. One more damn Heather Thing, but at least I HAVE things. I’d be super bored otherwise and then there would be no living with me. So you’re welcome.” 

Because also on my list is “Stop picking stupid fights with your husband that you can’t win.”

Anyway, I finished the library book (check) and did NOT pick a stupid fight with Grant (check). Consequently, I felt very good about my decision to not drink any alcohol or eat excessive sugar for the ten days before Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t call this quest a detox so much as a paring down of the ‘eat and drink all of the bad things all day long since last New Year’s Eve’ mentality so that in ten days I would feel less bad about eating and drinking all of the bad things until ten days before NEXT Thanksgiving. 

Basically what I’m saying is that I know that ten days is not enough time to build a habit. I’m a fan of the thirty day habit building time frame. That’s really not what I’m wanting to accomplish here. I KNOW myself. I can read two books a week and I can write a blog post every day but I can NOT deprive myself of a glass of wine or two for the rest of my life. Nor can I resist dessert forever. 

But. I think sometimes it takes a short term deprivation to help you appreciate certain things a little more. That whole “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is not just about people. And maybe ten days will work me in to a little more moderation. Also, I want to make sure that I can be an okay person without wine and dessert, that my personality does not depend on wine and sugar as much as my girth does, which could use a little un-girthing. But that’s not the point. My girth is sensitive and really needs to be left alone for a bit and let my personality take over. 

So here I am on day three of ten damn days. But really? I feel pretty good. Though I’m probably still full of sugar and booze from last week when I was in Vegas, which could explain why I haven’t gone into diabetic shock yet. And while I do miss digging in to the delicious red wine that I bought three cases of from my bestie’s ‘source’ for only TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS A BOTTLE (which is why I bought three cases-HELLO! INVESTMENT), last night I just filled my wine glass with sparkling water and I’m pretty sure the bubbles went to my head because I felt drunk. WHICH MEANS that I can be high on LIFE!

So here’s to seven more days (plus 365 more) of THAT!


  1. G says:

    Your my “thing” 😘

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