When Things Get Hairy

The Sunday before my oldest son’s birthday we decide to meet him along with the rest of the kids after church at our favorite restaurant to celebrate. My husband asked me on the way to church, which I was attending for the first time in a very long while “You having the chicken fried steak?”

It’s what I always order when we go to this place for breakfast. It’s to die for: yummy goodness on a plate. I say “Hell no. That meal is ruined forever for me. Have you forgotten about that horrible day?” My stomach does a sickish little turn at the mere thought of chicken fried steak.

He looks at me with total amazement. “Are you kidding me? You’re letting one little incident ruin the best breakfast in Spokane?”

Now, if this were a flashback scene a survivor was having in a horror movie, you would hear the foreboding music that plays just before someone is about to be slashed with a machete by some creepy masked guy. The camera would first zoom in on a big, black hair that sat right on top of my gravy in perfect corkscrew form which made me feel CERTAIN it was a pubic hair. Then the camera would pan in on my face, horror in my glazed over eyes, lips thin and pale but stoically resolving to not scream. I wave my hand for the waitress who comes over quickly. “What can I get you love?”

“Could I have a double bloody Mary with extra olives?” I ask, trying to keep my eyes on her face and not look at the glaring abomination that has ruined my $14.95 breakfast.

“Sure thing honey!” and she trots off to get my drink.

My husband asks “Why didn’t you just tell her there is a hair on your food?”

“If I say something, then all they will do is take the plate back to the kitchen and take the hair off and maybe throw some more gravy on my plate, nuke it in the microwave and serve it right back to me. And that’s only if they feel BAD about the hair being there. If they think I’m a brat they will leave the hair and just cover it with gravy. And even if they did give me a new plate, I’d always wonder if they really had. No. The damage is done.”

“You have serious trust issues. Do you maybe need to see someone for this?”

“Look, I know that I probably eat plenty of other people’s hairs all the time without knowing it. But the emphasis for me is on the NOT KNOWING. Once I KNOW it’s just all over. See? So I understand that in reality this is not a big deal and if I were a mentally strong person I would pick the hair off and carry on with eating. But I am NOT strong in this category. No sense complaining about something that is my issue, unless of course the cook put that hair there on PURPOSE. But just thinking that would mean I am paranoid and just plain weird. So I am going to drink my breakfast and carry on. And YES I have guilt for wasting food. But that is a whole different issue.” The waitress brings me my new and improved breakfast and I raise it in a toast while my husband shrugs and digs into his food. He knows I am a lost cause.

Enter us, birthday breakfast day, into church. The prodigal daughter and her husband, the holy one who doesn’t let hairs get in the way of his enjoyment in life.

As I knelt down to try and pray, the hair incident stayed on my mind. Why did I so often let little things stop me from experiencing joy? I listened to the readings and then to the heartfelt homily from the priest who was new to our parish, or at least to me, the fallen one, and a swoosh of warm, delicious peace came over me. And as I returned to kneeling position in overwhelming, goose-bump awe after receiving communion, I realized I had I let my distaste for the previous priest, hold me back from witnessing a perfect place of Human/God connectivity.

Now keep in mind, I’m a convert to the Catholic faith and I have it in my mind that converts are looked upon by cradle Catholics in the same way people with new found riches are viewed by “old money” families: we simply don’t know how to use our riches properly and our ways of enjoying those riches are often frowned upon. But we newbies don’t really care. One example for me is that not going to Mass has never created a whole lot of guilt for me. I have always known, since I was a little girl that God wants us to WANT to hang out with Him, wherever we find ourselves. Going to church simply for fear of eternal damnation has always seemed counterproductive. Plus, no one wants to hang out with a friend who clearly would rather be somewhere else than with you. Right?

And this is the double edged loophole logic along with the excuse of disliking how another human spun HIS connectivity to God that I used to to stop attending mass for so long that I forgot how good it felt to go and got to a point that I no longer had the thirst to do so.

Funny the hell we can create for ourselves without any help from the devil. But grace is pretty bad ass and takes on all kinds of forms to open up our hearts. Sometimes in the shape of a yucky black hair on gravy.

Later at breakfast my husband raised one eyebrow when I ordered the chicken fried steak and a bloody mary with NO olives. On account of the fact that I was feeling pretty filled up.


  1. mydangblog says:

    I used to think that hell was other people, but now I think it’s pubic hair in my food. But you’re right–you have to just trust in the universe. Plus, if it’s fried, any bacteria that might’ve been there has been killed off…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You could say the theme here is trust. I like the way you spin a web of connecting thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. hughcurtler says:

    I thought your reaction to the hair was entirely justified. Yuuuuk!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jen Macakanja says:

    You. Are. So. Freaking. Awesome. (I feel like you are reading my mind when you write…maybe not about the hair but other stuff for sure.)

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  5. Iridacea says:

    Deep disgust once triggered, can be hard to move past. I like to imagine that it was a beard hair? Regardless hair is hard to get over.
    I once bit a tiny living slug in half while enjoying an up till then delicious locally grown salad. I put it on the edge of my plate, and to my horror it tried to move on despite being bit nearly, but not completely, in half. It definitely took awhile to revisit the sublimity of tasty salads after that.
    Glad God and chicken fried steak have been reinstalled in their rightful place.
    XxOo iris

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    1. peaceof8 says:

      Oh my. I could almost taste and feel that sneaky escargot sans shell. Hahaha!! Aaagh. Now I will be carefully peaking under my lettuce leaves and think of you when I eat salad:) ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    2. heyjude6119 says:

      I totally understand not sending your food back. I always worry they will do something worse to it.
      And yes we do probably eat a lot of hairs without knowing. I have even in recent years been able to pull a hair out of my food, tell myself it could easily be one of mine, and keep eating.
      We spent some time away from church also (a long story) but have since returned and gotten more involved.
      I am glad you are able to go again and connect with God.

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    3. heyjude6119 says:

      Oh that’s even worse than a hair!


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