Comfortable Skin

Since I am in the middle of NaNoWriMo (and REALLY struggling) my blog site has been pretty much abandoned. SO to feel some kind of writing progress, I’m re-posting a few oldies that I kind of liked. Here is one.


Have you ever been drawn to someone because they just seem comfortable in their own skin? They seem to resonate calm, contented, happiness. People like this: don’t you just want to be near them, to hug and touch them, to be in their light?

I’m not talking about people who LOOK good in their skin. I know plenty of people who look really nice in their skin but who seem to be itching to get out, desperate for different skin.

This phrase “comfortable in your own skin” has been noodling around in my mind for quite a long time.  Why is it that some days I am so completely comfortable in my own skin and other days it feels like it may be trying to choke me to death?

Well, I have a scientific theory as to why it’s so hard for some of us to be comfortable in our…

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