Same But Different

Bella chewed up my Fitbitch today. When I held the pieces in front of her she did her weird front teeth grin that she does when she’s anxious. And guilty.

“Now we can’t WALK Bella!” I scolded. “You don’t realize that you have harmed YOURSELF with your insatiable need to chew up my stuff. Why can’t you have more self control? You have 35 bones and 15 tennis balls!”

Secretly I was kind of relieved. At first it was fun to have a fitbitch again and I thought enough time had passed since my distance running mania that I could keep myself in check. I bought one for both Grant and me, thinking we could have some fun competitions on who could do the most steps. Fun because I knew I would win every single time and then feel good about myself. But Grant refuses to compete with me on ANYTHING which kind of sucks the joy out of beating him.

Case in point the ‘drink a gallon of water a day’ challenge. I had to pour some of MY water into his dwindling gallon just to see if he was even paying ATTENTION to the contest.

Plus, I sprained my good ankle over a month ago and it’s not healing very fast, mostly because of my fitbitch taunting me with her obnoxious buzzing every hour if I haven’t done at least 250 steps. She is pretty much a step-tramp.

WAS I mean.

I should not speak ill of the dead.

So I repeated to Bella “No walk for you missy. Take THAT.” And she went and sulked until it was the normal time that David and I take Cooper and Bella on their same but different walks. Then she started hopping up and down and whining in expectation.

Dave and I have started taking them at the same time but in different directions because Cooper just wants to chase the ball at the park and have fun. But Bella wants to chase Cooper. And bite his face. In a loving and competitive way mind you, but it still wrecks Cooper’s fun. Hence the same but different walks.

Anyhow, despite my scolding Bella still got to go on her same but different walk and while at first I didn’t see the point without having the number of steps recorded I eventually found myself enjoying the walk more. It felt more contemplative and soul soothing. I notice Bella was less business like as well, stopping more often for deep sniff investigations.

When we got home I solemnly apologized to Grant for biting his face when he was just trying to have fun but I also told him I probably wont stop chasing and more than likely would catch him.

Should he decide to run.