Treasure Hunting with Heather

The other morning I woke up and immediately said “575” out loud to my husband. I’d had a very vivid and what felt like an all night long dream about this number. I was walking along the trail I always go on with my dog Bella and kept seeing rocks with the number 575 painted on them.

Oh My Goodness: SO COOL! Right? 

I’ve always been a dreamer. By that I mean I dream a lot, both day and night. I tend to take many of these dreams very seriously and often put a plan of action together to get my dreams into a place of reality, especially if they are recurring dreams, like owning my own business or making a cool piece of recycle-art or launching a blog site, the kinds of recurring dreams that usually happen during the day but maybe get a little work done on them when I’m sleeping. 

I will note that I do NOT intend to ever put a plan of action on how to make being chased by bears a reality, which is one of my recurring night dreams. When I have that dream, I instead turn to my book  “12,000 Dreams Interpreted” and assure myself it’s just my competition chasing me. Which is GOOD. The recurring earthquake dream thing? That’s just one I don’t want to talk about. When we had an actual earthquake the other day, I was sitting at my desk and it felt like someone was pulling on my chair and I thought to myself: “I KNEW we had a ghost in the house! I have always known!” and just when I was going to go run and tell everybody the good news Mitchel came running out of his room too saying “Did you feel that?!!!”. I was deeply disappointed that instead of my ghost,  it was one more sign of the end of the world as we know it. And despite me feeling mostly fine after, it certainly nagged at my psyche just a tad.  

But a NUMBER DREAM??? That’s a fucking TREASURE HUNT! 

The first thing Grant did was look up what area code 575 was. I love that he takes my dreams as seriously as I do. He SO gets me. He also knows by now he might as well just dive in willingly.

New Mexico. Kind of weird. I don’t know anyone from New Mexico. When I looked up current news for New Mexico, all I found was shit about covid-19 (like every other state in the US) and I don’t want to talk about that. I did discover some fun facts about New Mexico. It is a very experienced ‘wine country’. A monk started a winery along the Rio Grande in the early 1600’s. Wine is always good news. Good wine even better news. It’s the home of the largest hot air balloon festival in the WORLD. New Mexico also has more PhD’s per capita than any other state AND there is a law that says idiots are not allowed to vote in New Mexico. I do not know which of these two things has more to do with the fact that the first atomic bomb was exploded there, but I do know (now) that the cows in New Mexico (which outnumber the humans in New Mexico) are thriving. So I think New Mexico is going to be just fine. 

The Arabic poet Al-Khansa was born in the year 575. Upon first discovery I assumed Al-Khansa was a he. Turns out that she, according to wikipedia, is the best known female poet in Arabic literature. She wrote beautiful mourning poems (elegies) for her brothers who died in battle. This was the role of the female poet in her time. Ironically, she much later converted to Islam where mourning is forbidden. After her conversion, all four of her sons died in battle and it is said that she did not cry over their deaths but instead sung praise of their martyrdom. While I can not speak to the religion of Islam with much intelligence, I bet she cried inside. She lived to the age of 70 ish. That’s a long damn time to be stoic. 

Page 575 in my bible is Psalm 311: A Prayer from David in Distress and Thanksgiving for Escape. Maybe my son Dave needs to get out of the house today. Page 575 in the Catechism of the Catholic Church is a summary of why sex before marriage is a bad idea. How does one have that conversation with their kids and not be a hypocrite? Page 575 in my mom’s Alcoholics Anonymous book is THE VERY LAST PAGE of the book. WHAT???? Is that a sign I should not have spent more on alcohol than groceries during this quarantine? Five fellow recoverers wrote notes to my mom there about what an inspiration she was to them. One person said “your stories cracked me up”. Another said “I have grown to love you and feel like I have known you forever”.

According to a little numerology research, 5 signifies life lessons gained through experience or MAKING important life decisions about personal freedom and other cool life changes. The number 7 signifies spirituality. The term ‘lightworking’ came up a few times in my reading about the number 7 which in a nutshell is a mission of sending nothing by positive love vibes into the world in order to help heal the world. This means even to the assholes. You can’t fight bad with more bad. I did an internal giggle-clap of delight at that idea. Lightworking sounds so much more fun and fruitful than selling carpet. The number 8 comes from 575: (5+7+5=17=1+7=8). Hello. It’s MATH PEOPLE! The number eight symbolizes inner wisdom, karma, business, manifesting abundance and wealth. AND is the number in my blog site.

So it has become very CLEAR to me that angel number 575, is telling me three things: 1) keep looking for treasure 2) keep writing on 3) maybe not use the word fuck so much if I want to be a lightworker instead of sell carpet for a living. 



  1. Lysa says:

    I’m a lightworker and say Fuck all the time. It’s OK 👌🏼 Introduced to your blog by Susie HW. Thanks for the great message this morning! 🧚🏻


    1. peaceof8 says:

      Well any friend of Susie’s is a friend in mine. I am really happy to meet you virtually! Thank you for the lightwork encouragement❤️


  2. Anonymous says:

    So fun to read your dreamings, Heather. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. peaceof8 says:

      Thank you Kristin❤️❤️


  3. Anonymous says:

    So fun to read your dreamings, Heather. Keep it up!


  4. mydangblog says:

    Upside down it’s SLS. Does that mean anything? I’m a firm believer in the power of dreams to inspire writing—that’s where I get my best ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. peaceof8 says:

      Oh MY GOODNESS!!! More treasure!!! You of course. But also SLS. I never even once went there. Was I dreaming upside down? Weirder things have happened! Ha! Such Lovely Stuff❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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